Saturday, April 7, 2012

Can I make it sparkle?

I realized something the other night when I couldn't sleep (jet-lagged, sick kids and maybe that coffee at 6pm before we boarded our plane wasn't such a good idea....).

I really am not all that organized!

The question I had for myself, could I ever become that person?  Someone who puts things back where they are suppose to go, follows a list for cleaning, makes a list for grocery shopping, plans out her meals, writes down what she would like her husband to do around the house, creates a chore chart for her kids to follow and just plain has a place for everything to go.

Ummmm, probably not.

I'm good at finding things on the Internet and just following directions.  I can copy DIY like no body's business.  So why can't I just do the same for organizing and cleaning??    So that is the challenge I present myself, get your house in order.  Get your life in order too (I will lose this weight before I turn 40 next year!) Did I just say that out loud? And maybe create some peace and happiness along the way.

Maybe I can learn to love the label maker I have and never use.

Or actually put tabs on files.

Organize my recipes (and maybe use 1 or 2..) instead of just shoving them into a binder.

Use the coupons I clip (I do have good intentions!)

Make use of the pantry (aka closet in the mudroom) instead of just shoving crap in there.

Do something with the piles of old clothes/toys/knick knacks that keep accumulating in the basement.

Finish one DIY project before starting or buying more stuff for another.

Maybe I can make my life and house sparkle this year (is it really already April? I think I might just pretend it's January!)