Monday, October 31, 2011

Locks for Love!

I have to say, my daughter has the most gorgeous hair you have ever seen.  It's long.  It's thick.  And it has the most beautiful natural curls.

But she hates it.  Or I should say, she hates having it combed.  Which means we are pretty limited on what we can do with it for she freaks out when she sees a pick, a comb or brush.  We go through lots and lots of leave-in conditioner and she still cries every time we need to pick through it.

She has been begging me to cut it off for months.  So I told her once it was long enough to donate (because how can you NOT donate this mane of gorgeousness!!), we'd get it cut.

I might have shed a tear or 2 upon seeing her beautiful curls being cut......  But like my very smart 5 year old daughter told me, "it will grow back, mommy."

She's still beautiful and so wise beyond her 5 years!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Tissue Poms Tutorial

I'm having so much fun getting my daughter's big girl room put together!  I have finished painting the walls, however, the ribbon stencil just didn't go as planned.  So I'm not sure what I'll do about that. :)

I've seen adorable tissue poms all over the party planning blogs and thought, these would be so cute as bedroom decor!  Etsy is overflowing with premade ones but those were a little out of my budget.  So I enlisted in my trusty googling skills and found a great tutorial here.

I went to a few stores to find the colors I wanted. I gathered up my supplies and went to work!

For the first pom, I used all 9 sheets of the light green tissue.  And did not cut them down, I wanted a larger pom.  I started on one side and folded the sheets like an accordion, about an inch wide.  I secured it in the center with white covered floral wire that I picked up at Michael's.  Next, I rounded the ends of each side.  You could do a heart, triangle or whatever look you are going for.  I wanted something soft for these poms.

I then started to slowly separate the tissue apart.  I had a few rips but you can't tell at all once they are hanging!  I carefully attached my choice of ribbon (you probably could hang them with the white covered floral wire too but I wanted a little bling).   I'm assuming there must be an easier way to do this which is why I didn't take a picture....  I made 2 smaller balls, I just trimmed the larger sheets to a size I wanted.  Hang and admire their prettiness!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Easy Fall Wreath

I have always wanted a fall wreath on my door but wasn't a fan of the fake-flower-over-the-top wreaths that I have stumbled upon at various stores.  There are a lot of yarn type ones all over blogland but those just looked like too much work. :)  I knew I wanted just a bit of fall foliage and some hand-made-goodness!

So I found a pre-made twig wreath at Michaels (or Joanns...who can remember where one gets her crafty stuff these days?).  I gathered my supplies and went to work.

I googled "felt rosettes" to get an idea on how I wanted my flowers to look.  I had bought a fabric rosette necklace on etsy for way too much money and it broke the first time I put it on.  Which is fine, I looked ridiculous in it....  But I thought the flowers were cute so I hung on to it, I knew I could eventually use it somehow!

I first cute my felt into various sized squares.  And then into circles.  I gradually went around in a loop so I had almost a snake looking piece of felt which made a perfect circle if I put it back together.  I was going to attempt another type of felt rosette with the long strips of felt but I didn't like how they turned out so I scraped that idea!

I then started wrapping the felt into a rosette and placing little dots of clear tacky glue along the way.  I then hot glued it on a small circle of felt.

Once completely dry, I set up the rosettes and simple-but-sparkly fall foliage I found on sale at Michaels on the wreath.  Once I liked the layout, I tucked the foliage where I wanted it to stay and hot glued the rosettes on to the wreath!  Voila!  Fall Wreath is complete!