Sunday, October 9, 2011

Easy Fall Wreath

I have always wanted a fall wreath on my door but wasn't a fan of the fake-flower-over-the-top wreaths that I have stumbled upon at various stores.  There are a lot of yarn type ones all over blogland but those just looked like too much work. :)  I knew I wanted just a bit of fall foliage and some hand-made-goodness!

So I found a pre-made twig wreath at Michaels (or Joanns...who can remember where one gets her crafty stuff these days?).  I gathered my supplies and went to work.

I googled "felt rosettes" to get an idea on how I wanted my flowers to look.  I had bought a fabric rosette necklace on etsy for way too much money and it broke the first time I put it on.  Which is fine, I looked ridiculous in it....  But I thought the flowers were cute so I hung on to it, I knew I could eventually use it somehow!

I first cute my felt into various sized squares.  And then into circles.  I gradually went around in a loop so I had almost a snake looking piece of felt which made a perfect circle if I put it back together.  I was going to attempt another type of felt rosette with the long strips of felt but I didn't like how they turned out so I scraped that idea!

I then started wrapping the felt into a rosette and placing little dots of clear tacky glue along the way.  I then hot glued it on a small circle of felt.

Once completely dry, I set up the rosettes and simple-but-sparkly fall foliage I found on sale at Michaels on the wreath.  Once I liked the layout, I tucked the foliage where I wanted it to stay and hot glued the rosettes on to the wreath!  Voila!  Fall Wreath is complete!

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