Friday, September 30, 2011

Little Blue Pumpkins

I spotted these super cute pumpkins recently in blogland and knew I had to create my own!  I love the non-traditional color and these will work perfect for Halloween and fall.

This was my first time using crackle medium and I loved how it all turned out (although I spotted Martha Stewart Crackle paint at Home Depot and am wondering if it would have the same effect?)

The supplies are simple: $1 store pumpkins and squash (I also picked up a bag of small ones), black spray paint, crackle medium and acrylic paint. 

Spray your pumpkins with a few light coats of black spray paint (I tried it on the sparkle pumpkins but they didn't turn out so well....I might use those for another project!)

Once completely dry, apple your crackle medium (you can find it by the acrylic paints).  I let the pumpkins completely dry overnight.  I mixed up my blue paints to the perfect color and started painting away. Once dried, I sprayed them with a clear satin gloss spray paint I had on hand.

One thing I did that I wouldn't recommend is not painting the entire pumpkin.  I did the tops of them and then let dry so I didn't have to hold them.  Well....I ended up mixing more paint and the color wasn't the same.  According to the tutorial I followed, you can speed up the process using a hair dryer.  I'll make better note of that point next time!

Here they are on in my house.  I don't have a fun mantel to decorate each season but I do have a piano so that is their current resting spot! :)

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