Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Kid's Bathroom Closet Reveal

 I have put the final touches on my kid's bathroom closet.  I'm not sure I like the storage bins I found, those might have to be relocated to another part of the house.   Plus I need to buy new towels for my kids and will eventually need to put those in here too.   I hid extra cleaning supplies behind the turquoise bins.  I also used a bucket I had in the garage to hold toilet paper for now.  There is such a large space under the last shelf, I'm not sure how to effectively utilize this space yet. :)

I painted all the shelves and put them back in.  MUCH better!

This closet had nothing on the floor so I used some cheap peel & stick tiles from Home Depot to cover the stained mess that once was here.

I found some cute buckets at IKEA to hide all of my daughter's hair accessories.  I also put extra cotton balls and q-tips in one as well.  I would like to find a few more storage options that add a little sparkle to the closet, of course! :)


              BEFORE                                        AFTER                         

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