Monday, November 7, 2011

Changes are happening!

Yea for fall!  And yea for crossing a few items off my long to-do list!

  • paint A's big girl room
  • organize kid's closet
  • organize pantry
  • paint mudroom/build lockers
  • add some bling and accessories to piano room
  • finish organizing master closet
  • paint vanity in kid's/guest bathroom
  • convince husband master bedroom needs a face lift
  • purge toys in playroom and organize
  • figure out what to put over the couch...the wall has been sitting empty for 9 months already.
  • office/craft room needs help. lots of it. might have to save that for 2012!

  • So I guess I really haven't done as much as I would like but that's a start!  I painted Ava's room but need to finish it, the ribbon stencil was a complete fail (I love how idea pamphlets seem so much easier than they really are!).

    Hopefully I can get a few more things done before Thanksgiving!  And then lots more as we enter 2012!!

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