Friday, November 11, 2011

Easy Faux Roman Shades

I have been trying to get my kitchen put back together the way I would like it since giving my cabinets a face lift.   One thing I have been putting off is window treatments for the one small window.  I have never had them for this window but since painting the cabinets white, I wanted to add just a hint of color!  I searched hi and low for some pre-made ones but nothing that I liked.  And then I saw this on Tatertots & Jello...

I thought to myself, I could totally do that!!!

But then saw the stencil price tag and decided I'm too cheap. But towards the end of her post, she mentioned this website, Imparting Grace.  So I clicked away and LOVED what I saw!

And so easy to do!  You can easily follow her steps or check out my pictures below.  I already had the fabric, I want to make some throw pillows from it.  I have plenty so I measured my window and went to work!

1.  Cut your fabric to fit your window, giving yourself about an inch extra on each side.  I purchased the tension rods from Target, Heat and Bond from Joanns.

2.  Place heat and bond about an inch below fabric. I first ironed about a one inch hem.  The directions on the back of the Heat and Bond are very easy to follow, this was my first time using it.

3. & 4.  Iron fabric down, gently folding a small piece in to create a nice clean edge. Sorry, this picture sucks...

5.  For the top edge, I wanted to have a space to slide the tension rod in.  So I made a hem about 2 inches (sorry, I was working upside down on my ironing board, this is the top part of the shade).

6.  I measured about an inch from where I ironed to figure out where I wanted the Heat & Bond to go.  Then I carefully ironed that seam, making sure I had at least an inch opening for my tension rod.

 Once all the seams were cooled, I hung my shade using 1 tension rod. 

I then placed another tension rod about 4 inches below the top one.  And then the last tension rod about 4 inches below that one.  I then "roman-ized" my shade to my liking, adjusting the distance between the tension rods until I liked what I saw (sorry, forgot to take a picture of that part). 

Voila!  Easy Faux Roman Shade!! In less than an hour!

And here's one with my lovely vintage light on!

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